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Sean Lally

Sean Lally

Acquisition Advisor – Mid-Atlantic Manager

Sean Lally, a seasoned Acquisition Advisor, epitomizes a rich blend of experience and dedication. Born and raised in New York, Sean embarked on his academic journey at Central Connecticut State University. Armed with a profound 12-year background in sales leadership and business development, Sean has left his indelible mark in diverse industries, including Real Estate, Telecom, and Banking.

With a profound interest in telecommunications, Sean views the field as a pivotal niche with boundless potential to shape modern existence. He recognizes its omnipresence and significance, permeating every aspect of daily life and work, and evolving into an essential requirement for contemporary society.

Beyond his professional achievements, Sean's life is adorned with intriguing personal accomplishments. A unique facet of his identity reveals his stint as a professional golfer on various mini tours, where he showcased his skill and passion on the greens along the East Coast.

What particularly resonates with Sean about Symphony Wireless is the unparalleled culture and camaraderie that the company fosters. The supportive atmosphere, both within and beyond the office, has enabled Sean's continuous learning and growth. Symphony Wireless' mission to not only succeed in the telecom industry but to thrive on the strengths of its people resonates deeply with Sean's values and aspirations.