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Prospective Tenants


Our business model includes building a portfolio of attractive sites to lease out to additional tenants. We lease space to wireless carriers, WISPs and other related wireless communication companies. Our dedicated in-house team will review your submitted colocation application, review terms and negotiate a lease with you, then review all related construction documents and carefully coordinate the construction and future ongoing lease management of your new site.

Portfolio Map

Below is our list of sites available for colocation. Please use the map filters to help you find the exact site you may be looking for. You may also download a geojson or kmz file to use in your systems as well to more efficiently complete your site acquisition process.

*Disclaimer: Actual AGLs and AMSLs listed may differ slightly from exact calculations

Current Tenants

Lease Management

Symphony Wireless’s dedicated Asset and Lease Management team focuses on site maintenance and lease management. We make sure our partner site owners and tenants receive the best service as it relates to their ongoing operations. Each site is assigned a dedicated individual Asset Manager who carefully and efficiently reviews and coordinates all requests in a timely manner. Tenant requests may include:


Current Tenants

Modifications / Upgrades

Our first step with tenant modification/upgrade projects is to review a submitted project application. After initial review, we will be in contact regarding additional requirements and questions. Before we issue a construction NTP, we will require and review the following:

  • Approved and final Construction Drawings
  • Passing Structural/Mount Analysis
  • Lease Amendment and/or Notice to Proceed
  • Approved Building Permit
  • Active Certificates of Insurance From Tenant & Contractors


Symphony values each and every one of our customers and long term partnerships. Please contact us about renewing your lease. We also regularly contact our tenants regarding all near-term expiry leases.


As a landlord and real estate partner, we also work to help you regarding non-site related inquiries. Contact us for anything related to taxes, utilities, municipal documents, landlord approvals, etc.

Routine Site Access Requests

Symphony Wireless has established access guidelines to protect the sites we own and manage as well as the technicians accessing those sites. We ask for at least 24-hour notice for all access requests to allow ample time to coordinate with the on-site team. The below request form will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Once the form is submitted, you can select to receive a copy of your request. We require a copy of an active Certificate of Insurance. Please provide us an any other supplemental documents related to your access request.

Whether you’re a current partner or inquiring about a new site,

Contact Us Today!

Asset Management Direct Line: (914) 435-7900