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Josiah Cobbs

Josiah Cobbs

Acquisition Advisor

Meet Josiah Cobbs, an accomplished Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless. Born in Albany, NY, and a resident of Westchester County for over 14 years, Josiah has forged a path of excellence in the realm of real estate. A graduate of Manhattanville College in 2020, where he studied Business Management, Josiah's journey has been marked by his dedication and passion for the industry.

Josiah's engagement in the real estate sector dates back to 2019, encompassing both residential and commercial domains. His well-rounded experience equips him with the acumen needed to navigate the intricacies of deals and negotiations, making him an invaluable asset as an Acquisition Advisor.

Driven by a fascination with the telecom industry, Josiah finds himself captivated by its uniqueness and resilience. He recognizes it as one of the rare industries that remain recession-proof, which aligns harmoniously with his background in real estate. The blend of technology and real estate inherent in telecommunications fuels his passion, as he witnesses firsthand the impact it has on people's lives, transcending geographical boundaries.

Josiah's accomplishments extend beyond the boardroom; he boasts an impressive achievement of scoring 1,188 points during his four years of playing basketball at Manhattanville College. This athletic prowess underscores his determination and commitment traits that are also evident in his professional life.

Symphony Wireless serves as the ideal platform for Josiah's ambitions. He finds satisfaction in being a part of an emerging industry leader in the telecom space. The collaborative work environment cultivated by the dedicated team at Symphony Wireless resonates with him, propelling him towards continuous growth.