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Nick Bocchi

Nick Bocchi

Acquisition Manager

Nick Bocchi, a skilled Acquisition Advisor, boasts a progressive two-year tenure in the field of Telecom site acquisitions. His impactful contributions to Symphony Wireless have resulted in the procurement of an impressive $15 million worth of cellular assets, fortifying the company's portfolio. Before joining Symphony Wireless, Nick honed his expertise in Investment Sales, focusing on commercial property transactions in northern New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Rutgers University.

Nick's journey into telecom site acquisitions was seamless due to the parallels it shares with commercial real estate. This facilitated a swift transition into the industry, where he discovered the secure and promising nature of telecom assets. His astute perspective underscores a positive, long-term view of this asset class.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nick finds joy in his personal passions. His love for travel and classic cars adds a colorful layer to his character, reflecting his adventurous spirit and appreciation for timeless elegance.

Symphony Wireless occupies a special place in Nick's professional journey due to his strong belief in the asset class it deals with. He acknowledges the transformative potential of the services offered by Symphony Wireless, recognizing that in certain scenarios, their contributions can be truly life-changing for their clients.