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Our Day-to-day Operations

Breaking Down

Our Day-to-day Operations

Symphony Wireless is a business that focuses on fast closing, no hassle, straightforward investments in the telecommunications industry. Specifically, we buy the rights or easements on telecommunication assets such as rooftops and towers by offering top dollar payments. Our process is to determine the true, long-term value of the cell site and make an offer that maximizes value in the long term for the property owner.

What Is Involved

In A Lease Buyout?

The Offer

We invest in the long-term potential value of your cell site and share that value with you, the property owner. In order to determine that value, we carefully review:

  • The site location in relation to the parent parcel, competitive sites and the surrounding cell site network.
  • The lease and amendment terms – rent, escalators, lease area, tenants, colocation provisions, contingencies of any kind.
  • Specific needs or requirements the property owner may have in relation to any future tenant requests.

We then provide meaningful options to our site partners, allowing the property owner to determine his or her preference in terms of precise pricing configuration of value up front versus later on, with various revenue sharing options.

The Easement Contract

Once we agree on the business terms, we work quickly and efficiently to prepare the easement contract. This requires inspecting the site, preparing title and finalizing the easement and profits agreements. In most cases, this work can be done within 4 weeks.

The Closing

Once the documents are prepared and approved, we set up a quick and easy closing handled by the title company.

In A Lease Buyout?

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At Symphony Wireless, our priority is for our customer’s financial goals to be realized. This is why we present our personalized offers which help our customers secure their future lease income in the form of a lump sum buyout. Our team takes the time to consider your financial goals thoughtfully so that we can guarantee a larger offer than our competitors. Find out if you can make some serious cash within the next few weeks by discussing your options with one of our experts. We can’t wait to hear from you!