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What to Expect

Listen, Assess, Propose

Our process is simple, it all begins with you. Listen to you goals when it comes to the asset, asses its value & options available, propose a value based plan of moving forward.

We pride ourselves on flexibility and long-term view. We tailor our offer to what makes the most sense for you.


An Offer

We gather the documentation needed for the transaction — full lease and amendment documents, title, tax map and tax bill, in order to provide you with a written offer on your site. Once both sides are comfortable, we finalize the legal documents and move to close. Our goal is to make the transaction as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. ​


To close

As soon as we complete diligence, we will close through Title Escrow and disburse funds to​ your organization. When it comes to payment, we are flexible about time-frame and amount of disbursements for example:

  • We can spread it over 10 years​
  • We can give 3/4th today and the last 1/4th over 10 months We can give 1/2 today and 1/2 over the next 12 months​

Every deal requires flexibility to get to the finish line, we pride ourselves on remaining limber and agile.​

We Assume

The Lease

In exchange for the lump sum payment, we will receive the cell site rents and manage your lease. For you, NOTHING CHANGES except that you received your money upfront and you are now partnered with one of the leading telecom portfolios in an effort to build more value on your asset.

We are not financial advisors, but we see our partners use the capital to move on new opportunities, harness the power of 1030 & 544 Exchanges & make life events happen.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s Go!

Our process is easy, simple, straightforward and ends with you, the property owner, receiving a terrific upfront payout for your lease. If you’re interested in receiving a lump sum capital offer rather than receiving monthly payments from your wireless company’s lease, feel free to reach out to a member of our team! Our quote comes with no strings attached–we simply invite you to learn more by speaking to a representative of our team. Hope to hear from you, soon!