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Symphony Wireless is dedicated to partnering with cell site owners from all walks of life. Partnering with business, individuals and municipalities alike to generate unseen value on telecom assets. With years of experience & a sizable portfolio to build on top of, you can feel confident working with Symphony Wireless and know that you are getting not just capital, but a long term partner.

Your Trusted Easement

acquisition partner

Symphony Wireless adds value to cell sites through acquisition, management and marketing. Our portfolio consists of tower and rooftop sites located in urban, suburban, and rural environments throughout the United States. With established connections with top carriers, we are a preferred partner in network expansion.

Leadership & Experience

Symphony Wireless is led by veterans who molded the telecom landscape in the United States. Specifically, Bernard Borghei, Chief Executive Officer & Jorge Pedraza, Head of Business Development at Symphony Wireless.

Together with our team of dedicated Acquisition Advisors, they use their experience to provide comprehensive cell site management & bring value to cell sites.

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Our team of experts is ready to learn more about your cell site and has the knowledge and expertise to provide you the best value for your asset. Click the button below to speak with one of our Acquisition Advisors.