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Michael Shifar

Michael Shifar

Acquisitions Advisor

Michael Shifar is an accomplished Acquisition Advisor with a keen interest in shaping the future of the telecommunications industry. Holding a degree from Rutgers University, he brings a robust five-year background in the telecom sector, with his most recent endeavor involving a pivotal role in DISH's nationwide 5G network deployment. Prior to that, he showcased his expertise as a Construction Manager at Jacobs, contributing to AT&T's network buildout.

Fueled by a fascination for the forthcoming interconnected era, his dedication to this vision has led him to orchestrate remarkable deals within the industry. Among these deals are the ongoing negotiations to acquire major carriers, illustrating his prowess in managing complex transactions. Notably, Michael has successfully sealed multiple agreements in the dynamic New York market, including the large multi-carrier Cross Island Plaza in Queens.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael's personal life paints a vivid picture of his character. Hailing from Franklin Lakes, NJ, he stands as the eldest among nine children, showcasing his natural ability to lead and connect with others.

As an Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless, Michael finds a stimulating environment that enhances his communication and critical thinking aptitudes. His role allows him to cultivate meaningful client relationships and master the art of negotiations, ultimately contributing to the company's overarching mission. Through Symphony Wireless, he envisions a world where seamless connectivity reshapes how we live and interact.