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Nina Rodriguez

Nina Rodriguez

Acquisition Advisor

Nina Rodriguez, a dedicated Acquisition Advisor, paints a vivid tapestry of diverse experiences that have shaped her multifaceted professional journey. Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Nina's exposure to different environments ignited her passion for travel, a pursuit she embraces whenever the opportunity arises. Drawing from her background, she has made impactful contributions to the Healthcare and Real Estate sectors, channeling her expertise to assist individuals with medical needs and navigate intricate property transactions. This rich array of experiences has endowed her with an adaptable skill set and the ability to thrive in diverse professional landscapes.
Nina's fascination with the telecom industry derives from its pivotal role in empowering both businesses and individuals. As the demand for swift and dependable communication escalates, the telecom sector remains at the forefront of innovation to meet these evolving needs. Nina's proudest achievement in the field was her triumph over a challenging municipality deal. Despite initial warnings of its complexity, she tenaciously persevered, overcoming obstacles to ensure a smooth closing. This accomplishment not only met the municipality's requirements but also marked a significant milestone in her career.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nina's personal pursuits reflect an adventurous spirit. With the goal of visiting all 50 states, she has explored 35 of them, adding an exciting touch to her wanderlust. Skydiving, mingling with tigers, riding elephants and camels, and even swimming with sharks constitute her unique encounters, capturing her thirst for exploration and new experiences.

Nina's passion for Symphony Wireless is rooted in its people and the company's mission. The camaraderie among colleagues, coupled with their dedication and camaraderie, creates an environment that is both productive and enjoyable. Working together, supporting each other, and rejoicing in shared accomplishments define the Symphony Wireless culture, making it a place where Nina thrives.