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Gaetano Citera

Gaetano Citera

Acquisitions Advisor

Gaetano Citera, an accomplished Acquisition Advisor, brings a unique blend of operational prowess and real estate expertise to his role at Symphony Wireless. Hailing from the picturesque Hudson Valley, NY, Gaetano embarked on his professional journey as an operations manager, showcasing his natural knack for strategic management. His career trajectory took an exciting turn when he transitioned into the realm of real estate, which eventually led him to his current role as an Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless. Currently residing in Monmouth County, NJ, Gaetano's background reflects a holistic understanding of business dynamics.

Driven by a profound interest in telecommunications and digital infrastructure, Gaetano recognizes their pivotal role in shaping the modern world. He views these domains as the cornerstone of various aspects of contemporary life, ranging from national security to everyday pursuits and hobbies. In his role, Gaetano actively engages in orchestrating deals that empower individuals and businesses to leverage their positions within the digital infrastructure landscape. His commitment to this niche underscores his dedication to fostering innovation and progress.

While Gaetano thrives professionally, he also nurtures his passion for an active lifestyle and the great outdoors. Beyond the confines of work, he seeks solace and rejuvenation through outdoor activities.

What particularly resonates with Gaetano about Symphony Wireless is the company's distinctive ethos. He finds Symphony's approach to client interactions unparalleled, as it embodies a genuine commitment to crafting optimal outcomes for each and every client. This ethos aligns seamlessly with Gaetano's personal values, making his role at Symphony not just a job, but a mission to create meaningful impact.