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Greg Digioia

Greg Digioia

Acquisition Advisor

Gregory DiGioia, an Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless, brings with him a wealth of experience gained over 8 years in the commercial real estate industry. His journey has taken him through both the brokerage and valuation/appraisal facets of the business. Born in the heart of New York, NY, Gregory grew up in the vibrant community of Westchester County before embarking on his college journey at the University of Delaware, where he proudly donned the jersey of the men's ice hockey team. Hockey has not only shaped his athletic pursuits but also offered him the privilege of visiting diverse places across North America and forging connections with people from around the globe.

Interest in Telecom and Notable Deals: Gregory's interest in telecom is a reflection of its integral role in modern life, driven by technological advancements. Merging his real estate background with the telecom asset class has been a source of daily satisfaction. The cell tower asset class, while essential, remains relatively uncharted territory in the real estate industry. Gregory leverages his existing relationships to address the challenges faced by site owners and serves as a valuable resource to them. He takes immense pride in his involvement in deals that have not only benefited site owners but have also contributed to the growth of the telecom industry.

Non-Work Related Fun Fact: Beyond his professional pursuits, Gregory finds joy in a diverse range of activities, including golfing, tennis, paddle, and hockey. He values quality time with family and friends, cherishing every moment spent with loved ones.

Why Gregory Likes Working for Symphony Wireless: Gregory is drawn to Symphony Wireless because the company offers clients an opportunity to derive financial benefits from cell towers on their properties. Symphony Wireless is willing to shoulder the risks associated with many towers, such as potential decommissioning, and provides site owners with the upside of marketing the tower to other carriers, thereby growing cash flow. The company's commitment to a 50/50 split on any additional income in the future aligns perfectly with Gregory's belief in creating mutually beneficial partnerships. He firmly believes in Symphony Wireless's mission to empower site owners and contribute to the growth of the telecom industry while mitigating risks.