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Jeremy Curtin

Jeremy Curtin

Acquisitions Advisor

Jeremy Curtin, an accomplished Acquisition Advisor, brings a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over 18 years in the real estate industry. Beginning as an agent and evolving to owning his independent brokerage, his journey encapsulates every facet of transactions in the vibrant landscape of NYC. Jeremy's professional versatility extends beyond real estate, as he transitioned from a career as a professional musician, gaining recognition through published albums and performances in 36 countries.

Jeremy's entrance into the telecom sector is rooted in his pursuit of intriguing challenges. With a fervent desire to evolve his real estate career, he embraced the unique opportunity presented by telecom acquisitions. This path enabled him to not only apply his real estate expertise on a nationwide scale but also to expand his horizons through transactions that transcend geographic boundaries.
Amid his diverse experiences, Jeremy's candid personality shines through. He recounts a memorable episode where he applied for jobs at multiple Taco Bell locations across the Midwest, driven by the enticing prospect of free tacos with every application—a testament to his creative approach to life's adventures.

Jeremy finds resonance with Symphony Wireless due to its ability to harmonize with his real estate lifestyle while facilitating conversations with people across the nation. This broader perspective allows him to be a more engaged and informed citizen, transcending the confines of local perspectives.