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Isaac Lipton

Isaac Lipton

Director, Acquisitions

Isaac Lipton, an accomplished Director of Acquisitions, stands at the helm of a dynamic team comprising ten advisors, deftly navigating the complex landscape of deal facilitation. Born and raised in New England, Isaac's academic journey led him to Boston University, where he not only honed his intellect but also showcased his prowess in lacrosse. Following graduation, he ventured into the bustling realm of commercial real estate in New York City, immersing himself in the role of a commercial broker for approximately 2.5 years. Anchored in Manhattan, Isaac's expertise is deeply intertwined with New York's unique real estate challenges and opportunities.

Isaac's career trajectory took him from the lacrosse fields of Boston University to the fast-paced streets of Manhattan. His background in commercial real estate nurtured an interest in the relationship between the properties and telecommunications assets. As the Director of Acquisitions, he orchestrates deals that marry the realms of real estate and telecommunications. Isaac views these deals as unique, boasting long-term leases and built-in escalations, thus weaving stable and predictable revenue streams into the firm’s portfolio.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Isaac's personal life paints a colorful picture. He finds solace in skiing, cherishes quality time with his friends, family, and beloved dog, Oliver.

What resonates deeply with Isaac about Symphony Wireless is its vertically integrated structure and the dynamic market position it affords, giving us executional advantages in all areas of a transaction. The company's commitment to being at the forefront of the industry, coupled with its reputation for swift closures and exceptional partnerships, aligns seamlessly with Isaac's ambitions and values.