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Ethan Sanandaji

Ethan Sanandaji

Acquisitions Advisor

Ethan Sanandaji serves as an Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless, bringing a unique blend of experience and passion to the team. Hailing from Long Island, New York, Ethan's educational journey led him to Penn State University, where he honed his expertise in real estate and investments. Growing up with parents deeply entrenched in the real estate industry for over three decades, Ethan's roots in the field run deep, instilling in him a profound passion for navigating the complexities of this industry.

Ethan's worldly perspective has been enriched through his travels, spanning four continents. These experiences have broadened his horizons and continue to inspire his desire to explore new destinations in the future.

However, it's the world of telecom that truly captivates Ethan's professional aspirations. He aspires to establish himself as a leading figure in this dynamic field, driven by the untapped potential of telecom investments. The endeavors in this field have already yielded a significant impact by bolstering retirement funding, facilitating property boards in the sustenance of their operations via renovation initiatives, and facilitating the transformation of telecom leases into tangible property assets. These efforts are instrumental in paving the way for property owners and serving as a blueprint for others to follow.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Ethan possesses a diverse range of interests, including a deep passion for cooking, art, and gardening, reflecting his creative and nurturing side.

Ethan's enthusiasm for Symphony Wireless is rooted in the strong sense of community within the company, setting it apart from other telecom firms. This close-knit environment fosters support and collaboration among colleagues, especially during challenging times. This sense of unity not only shapes a nurturing work culture but also reinforces Ethan's belief in Symphony's mission to become a prominent and sustainable telecom fund in the long term. His dedication to both the telecom industry and Symphony Wireless highlights his commitment to making a positive impact in the world of investments and telecommunications.