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Greg Digioia

Greg Digioia

Gregory DiGioia, an Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless, brings with him a wealth of experience gained over 8 years in the commercial real estate industry. His journey has taken him through both the brokerage and valuation/appraisal facets of the business. Born in the heart of New York, NY, Gregory grew up in the vibrant community … Continued

Josiah Cobbs

Meet Josiah Cobbs, an accomplished Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless. Born in Albany, NY, and a resident of Westchester County for over 14 years, Josiah has forged a path of excellence in the realm of real estate. A graduate of Manhattanville College in 2020, where he studied Business Management, Josiah’s journey has been marked by … Continued

Sean Lally

Sean Lally, a seasoned Acquisition Advisor, epitomizes a rich blend of experience and dedication. Born and raised in New York, Sean embarked on his academic journey at Central Connecticut State University. Armed with a profound 12-year background in sales leadership and business development, Sean has left his indelible mark in diverse industries, including Real Estate, … Continued

Nick Bocchi

Nick Bocchi, a skilled Acquisition Advisor, boasts a progressive two-year tenure in the field of Telecom site acquisitions. His impactful contributions to Symphony Wireless have resulted in the procurement of an impressive $15 million worth of cellular assets, fortifying the company’s portfolio. Before joining Symphony Wireless, Nick honed his expertise in Investment Sales, focusing on … Continued

Vlad Ashurov

Vlad Ashurov, a dedicated Acquisition Advisor, weaves a compelling narrative of cultural exploration and professional growth. Hailing from the former USSR, Vlad’s early life journey led him to the vibrant streets of NYC. An unexpected move to Florida during high school introduced him to the allure of sunshine and beach life, a change that would … Continued

Ray Golding

Raymond Golding, an accomplished Acquisition Advisor, brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background to his role. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, he later spent 11 years in Wilmington, NC. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Marketing, which have been instrumental in shaping his career … Continued

Phillip Shifrin

Meet Philip Shifrin, a dedicated Business Development Associate at Symphony Wireless who is instrumental in shaping the growth and success of the company’s broker network. With over a decade of experience in real estate, business development, and project management in the bustling metropolis of New York City, Philip brings a wealth of expertise to his … Continued

Pam Parrish

Raised in South Jersey and educated at Boston University, Pam Parrish began her real estate career at age 18 in a Re/Max office in Cherry Hill, NJ. A move to New York led her to work in film and television acquisitions at Viacom where for several years she was part of the team that brought … Continued

Paige Grinnell

Meet Paige Grinnell, an enthusiastic and globally-minded Acquisition Advisor whose diverse experiences have shaped her into a dynamic contributor at Symphony Wireless. Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Paige embarked on a journey of exploration that has taken her to fascinating corners of the world. Paige’s quest for knowledge led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science … Continued

Nina Rodriguez

Nina Rodriguez, a dedicated Acquisition Advisor, paints a vivid tapestry of diverse experiences that have shaped her multifaceted professional journey. Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Nina’s exposure to different environments ignited her passion for travel, a pursuit she embraces whenever the opportunity arises. Drawing from her background, she has made impactful … Continued