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Anthony Tabbacchino

Anthony Tabbacchino

Director, Acquisitions

Anthony Tabbacchino, A Director of Acquisitions, proudly hails from Northern New Jersey, and draws inspiration through his four grandparents who were proudly a part of the World War II - “The Greatest” generation. His upbringing, intertwined with their impactful influence, has been a guiding force in his journey. A lover of travel, Anthony finds solace and joy in the vibrant atmosphere of the Jersey Shore during summertime.

Anthony's intrigue in the telecom industry emerged from an unexpected encounter several years ago. Despite his initial unfamiliarity with the field, he embarked on a journey that led him from contributing to building sites for carriers to his current role of acquiring these established sites. This journey, from construction to acquisition, has come full circle, providing him with a holistic understanding of the industry's evolution.

Encompassing both technology and real estate, the telecom industry, in Anthony's view, has transformed from a luxury to a societal necessity. The dynamic blend of these two sectors necessitates constant adaptation to the evolving environment, crafting an exhilarating and ever-changing landscape.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Anthony enjoyed a tenure as a former Head Ice Hockey coach at his alma mater high school which created lasting relationships amongst his community. His love for fishing, boating, hiking, and relishing the serenity of sandbars and beaches further encapsulates his vibrant and diverse interests.

Anthony Tabbacchino's journey from New Jersey to telecom investment, his diverse experiences, and his appreciation for collaborative endeavors paint the portrait of an accomplished Director of Acquisitions. His unique perspective and commitment to building meaningful relationships align seamlessly with Symphony Wireless' mission.