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Ian Heyman

Ian Heyman

Acquisition Advisor

Meet Ian Heyman, an Acquistion Advisor, born and raised in Westchester County. Ian's passion for real estate investing led him to obtain his real estate license, prompting him to dive into the industry right out of high school. He became one of the founding commercial real estate agents at Christie’s International Real Estate | The Commercial Division, where he specialized in investment sales throughout the Tri-State area.

His shift to the telecommunications sector was driven by a deep interest in technological evolution. He is captivated by the industry’s transformative impact on shaping the way we live, work, and interact globally. Coming from a commercial real estate background, he appreciates that the unique correlation with real estate adds an intriguing layer, influencing both physical and virtual landscapes.

What he lacks in experience, he makes up for with his pertinacious work ethic, professional integrity, and utmost loyalty. His fascination with technology enables him to leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms, delivering additional value to those he serves. Ian's youth infuses his work with energy, adaptability, and a fresh mindset.

At Symphony Wireless, Ian envisions a lasting, thriving experience through continuous learning and growth, supported by the purpose-filled atmosphere and fellowship within the office. Aligned with the company's mission, he is dedicated to propelling the telecommunications industry forward.