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David Heinzerling

David Heinzerling

Acquisition Advisor

David Heinzerling, an Acquisition Advisor, brings over eight years of diverse expertise in real estate encompassing commercial retail leasing and residential brokerage; with a background representing and working with a spectrum of clients—from corporate retail tenants to Real Estate Investment Trusts. David, a Manhattan native with over three decades rooted in the city, holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration in Finance from City University of New York Baruch College and a Master of Science in Real Estate from New York University. Notably, David's journey includes a stint as a former Naval Officer in the Reserves, attaining the rank of Lieutenant.

David's fascination with telecom lies in its inherent alignment with the dynamic technology industry, perpetually evolving at a rapid pace. He recognizes the pivotal role of telecom infrastructure assets within the broader technological ecosystem, fostering a profound interest in educating and enlightening both local families and institutional like organizations nationwide about the latent value encapsulated within these assets.

At Symphony Wireless, David finds resonance in the team's cohesive spirit and collective dedication toward shared success. He values the passionate synergy among colleagues, fostering an environment where individual accomplishments are celebrated and supported, ultimately contributing to the company's mission of creating value for investors, property owners, and the team itself.

Outside his professional endeavors, David finds solace and joy spending quality time with his family, indulging in sports games, and keeping fit at the gym.