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Andrew Arvay

Andrew Arvay

Acquisitions Advisor

Andrew Arvay, a dedicated Acquisition Advisor, brings a wealth of experience and an affinity for technology to his role. Hailing from Queens, NY, Andrew has accumulated an impressive 13-year track record in the New York City commercial real estate landscape. His specialization in working with the United Nations' Governments showcases his ability to navigate complex and high-stakes scenarios. Andrew's academic journey led him to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from CUNY John Jay College, fostering his intersection of real estate and technology.

Andrew's fascination with technology is rooted in his background in computer programming. He views the telecom industry as an ever-evolving realm that plays a fundamental role in the modern world. The constant state of flux and innovation aligns with his aspiration to be part of something essential. Over his career, Andrew has engaged with a diverse array of property owners, successfully aiding them in achieving their financial goals.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Andrew's family history adds a captivating layer to his profile. With a legacy spanning over five decades in the music industry, he reflects a multi-dimensional persona that marries his professional and personal worlds.

Andrew finds his place at Symphony Wireless particularly satisfying due to the camaraderie and culture that permeate the workplace. The team's collaborative spirit and the sense of unity built over two years create an environment where success thrives as a collective effort.