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Alex Langerhorst

Alex Langerhorst

Acquisitions Advisor

Meet Alexandar LangerHorst, a dynamic Acquisition Advisor at Symphony Wireless. Hailing from the Netherlands, Alexandar's journey has been one of global experiences and remarkable achievements. A proud US citizen, he traversed continents as a former professional squash player, contributing to his diverse skill set. Proficient in Dutch, English, and German, Alexandar's multilingualism reflects his global perspective.

Educated in the Netherlands, Alexandar brings a wealth of experience to his role. His international background, coupled with his prowess as a former pro squash player, imbues him with a unique blend of adaptability and determination. These qualities have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his success as an Acquisition Advisor.

Telecommunications, for Alexandar, symbolize an avenue that has revolutionized the world in ways previously unimaginable. His fascination with the industry lies in its ability to connect people globally, and he envisions a future where telecommunications further unite humanity. Alexandar's interest is not only philosophical but deeply technical, as he revels in the industry's rapid evolution and the innovative challenges it presents.

Away from his professional pursuits, Alexandar's life is enriched by his experiences as a husband and father to two boys. His past as a professional squash player showcases his dedication and commitment to excellence beyond the realm of work.

Symphony Wireless has provided Alexandar with the ideal platform to harness his talents and drive his career forward. He sees the company as a gathering of exceptional minds, all aligned towards a common goal: sealing deals. The synergy and camaraderie within the Symphony Wireless team inspire Alexandar, fueling his passion for his work. The company's culture of empowerment resonates deeply with him, allowing him to thrive in his role as an Acquisition Advisor.