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Symphony Wireless

Is Your Trusted Partner

The world runs on communication, cell phones and easy access to fast data. If you own the physical asset of a cell tower, whether freestanding or on a rooftop, you are a vital part of this world. That vitality may be worth more than you know. Realizing value on your existing assets is critical in times of financial uncertainty. Keeping that knowledge in your back pocket can prove useful when you need it most.

Symphony Wireless acquires existing cell sites, giving owners flexible options with cash buyouts & revenue sharing options for net-new carrier leases.

Explore Options and Value With No Commitment

Options For My

Existing Cellular Asset

As a tower owner with an existing cell tower lease agreement with a carrier, you’ve come to know the comfort of recurring income for a stationary asset on your property. While this income appears stable, it is oftentimes slow to come in and with so much opportunity in the market and lack of options for low-interest capital, Symphony Wireless can be the partner you need.

With a cell tower lease buyout, cell tower owners can create a tax-friendly cash surplus to pursue other ventures, even if that venture is retirement or a child’s college fund. With flexible buyout structures and expert telecom professionals, we are a premier partner for cell site owners looking for opportunity.

While you should always speak with an accountant or licensed financial advisor, Symphony Wireless has done over 4,000 tax-friendly transactions and has seen 1031 & 544 Exchange’s fuel:

  • Building refurbishments
  • New Real Estate Developments
  • Retirement & College Funds
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Charitable donations

Cash for whatever you want your future to hold, a no commitment quote can help paint this picture.

Our Process

What Do We Need From You?

Symphony Wireless looks to its external brokers to fill the information gathering portion of our offering process. Gathering the following critical documents that help us build our Letter of Intent:

  • Full Lease
  • Amendment Documentation Or Lease Assignments
  • Current Proof of Rent

If you have any questions feel free to reach out! Once we have all the proper documents, we will present you with a Letter of Intent outlining the purchase price. From there we will work to reach an agreement, collect any remaining documents and move to close.

Fast, Simple & Straightforward.

Adding To a Larger Portfolio

Getting More Carriers on Your Asset

While you know the value of your tower on a month to month basis, we at Symphony Wireless with a portfolio of over 4,000 towers take a larger purview.

With long standing relationships across the telecom industry, we are experienced in adding carrier leases to towers. Our goal with adding towers to our portfolio is to offer a larger grouping of cell towers to the carriers as they seek locations to expand service.

We offer revenue sharing options as part of the sale for any additional carriers to the tower. By joining your asset to our portfolio, you join our efforts to become a large provider of tower locations to the carriers. Meaning as we succeed, so do you!

Cell Tower Lease Value

Our pricing determines value based on existing carrier leases on the cell tower/asset. Unlike our competitors we base our offers on existing value, not marketing value.

To determine the cell tower lease value, our Acquisition and Pricing teams will require copies of your leases. With these leases we extract the expiry, escalators, and rent any other pieces of relevant information to build a market leading buyout quote.

Knowing the value of your tower gives you the power and ability to act on that value should you find a need to.

How Much Is My Cell Tower Lease Worth?

When a Cell Site Lease

Buyout Makes Sense

In short, the best time to sell an asset is when it works best for you. Our advisors see all types of opportunities fueled with our buyout cash and can help you reach your goals.

Make sure that your accountant is aware of your plans so you can route those funds in the most tax-friendly way. Every state is different; get your attorney and financial team on board before you have the payout in your hands.

Managing Fluctuations of

Cell Tower Rental Rates

The land that your cell tower sits on has likely undergone some value fluctuations. Your cell tower rental rates may be a bit more stable, we recognize this and unlike some our competition build our offers on this fact.

We price based on existing lease value. CPI, Cap Rate, Marketing influences, all irrelevant in our offers, if your tower has an active lease on it then it has value in our eyes.

The need for data and for more 5G across the nation may actually be the only factor in the equation that is not fluctuating. Selling your tower to Symphony Wireless adds it to our ever growing portfolio and with our portfolio’s ties to the carriers, the chances of your tower getting more tenants grows exponentially.

Interested In

Doing Business With Us?

Contact Us, Today!

At Symphony Wireless, our priority is for our customer’s financial goals to be realized. This is why we present our personalized offers which help our customers secure their future lease income in the form of a lump sum buyout. Our team takes the time to consider your financial goals thoughtfully so that we can guarantee a larger offer than our competitors. Find out if you can make some serious cash within the next few weeks by discussing your options with one of our experts. We can’t wait to hear from you!