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What To Expect

Listen, Assess, Propose

Our process is simple. We start with listening. We listen, we assess, we propose.

There are multiple variants to our offers, we pride ourselves on flexibility and a long-term view.

And we tailor our offer to what makes most sense to you.

Create An Offer

Typically, we propose a couple of options for your offer as site owners aren’t sure….do they want more money now with a little less later? Or are they willing to take a little less now, but
participate more in the future upside? Once you’ve made your choice, we gather the documentation needed for the transaction – full lease and amendment documents, title, tax map, tax bill etc. and you review the legal agreement. Once both sides are comfortable, we move to close. Our goal is to make this as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. In most cases, from receipt of title documents to close is no more than 4 weeks, often less.

The Big Payoff

Options, simplicity, speed, teamwork, reliability. All these are factors that our site owner partners consistently cite in their reviews of how it was to work with us.
Our partners have committed capital ready to go to work for you now and in the future. It’s just up to us to find the best path forward for you.


In exchange for the lump sum payment, we will receive the cell site rents and manage your lease. For you, NOTHING CHANGES except that you received your money upfront.
You are free to deploy your capital in any way you see fit.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s Go!

Our process is easy, simple, straightforward and ends with you, the property owner, receiving a terrific upfront payout for your lease. If you’re interested in receiving a lump sum capital offer rather than receiving monthly payments from your wireless company’s lease, feel free to reach out to a member of our team! Our quote comes with no strings attached–we simply invite you to learn more by speaking to a representative of our team. Hope to hear from you, soon!