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We are cell site buyers

Symphony Wireless is one of the largest and fastest-growing private owners of wireless cell site infrastructure with over 5,000 cell sites under management. We work with real estate brokers across the US to help the landlords monetize their existing wireless lease assets.

The Asset

In urban markets, cell sites are typically located on multi-story building rooftops. Approximately 10% of multi-story buildings have cell sites. Few landlords are aware that their wireless leases are potentially lucrative assets that they can sell to provide capital quickly, efficiently, and at attractive cap rates. Our average transaction is about $900k which can make a meaningful difference in the tight deal. What’s more, Symphony leverages deep industry contacts and know-how to drive up cell site rent.

The Market

The cost of capital has spiked in the past few months making the rooftop cell site transaction particularly attractive. Symphony offers on average between a 6% and 5% cap rate depending on site and lease specifics as a lump sum to the owner. Sellers and buyers both can use this capital to help unlock larger real estate transactions.


For brokers, it’s an entirely new line of business at a time when markets have slowed down. For building owners and investors, it’s an angle on financing in a challenging environment.

  1. Commissions – Commissions are set at 5%, meaning $45k on a $900k deal.
  2. Exclusivity – if you bring us an interested site owner that we are not already engaged with, you willl get
    exclusivity on the deal for 12 months
  3. Expertise – our goal is to build a small coterie of expert brokers. We will help you develop this


Start with your existing customer base or prospects and make a list of the landlords who have cellular sites. We will provide preliminary training on the asset and the process. Once you have a warm lead, we will work with you through every step of the deal to make sure we offer the top value for your clients and facilitate fast transactions. When the owner is interested in learning how much the wireless asset is worth, you get the lease, lease amendments and proof of rent, and we will get back to you with an official offer.

The Timing is Right

With a tightening market, difficulties in sourcing capital, and spike in the cost of capital, the timing has never been better!