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Vlad Ashurov

Vlad Ashurov

Acquisitions Advisor

Vlad Ashurov, a dedicated Acquisition Advisor, weaves a compelling narrative of cultural exploration and professional growth. Hailing from the former USSR, Vlad's early life journey led him to the vibrant streets of NYC. An unexpected move to Florida during high school introduced him to the allure of sunshine and beach life, a change that would shape his trajectory. Opting for the University of Central Florida, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Post-graduation, Vlad embarked on a decade-long journey in commercial real estate, navigating the intricacies of commercial leases.

The discovery of Symphony Wireless was a turning point in Vlad's journey, unveiling a niche he hadn't previously encountered. A multilingual polyglot proficient in English, Russian, and Spanish, Vlad is also currently mastering French. His intrigue in telecommunications is rooted in its role as an ever-evolving conduit that keeps the world interconnected. He recognizes its significance in enabling knowledge transfer, propelling technological advancements, and nurturing the lifestyle we embrace today.
Vlad's professional journey is marked by the satisfaction he derives from helping others achieve their goals. With Symphony Wireless, he discovered an avenue to provide liquidity when needed most, propelling the aspirations of various stakeholders. Notably, Vlad takes immense pride in a deal where he played a pivotal role in securing funding for a small church in Delaware, enabling property improvements and expanded services.

Beyond his professional feats, Vlad's diverse interests mirror his dynamic background. Martial arts, painting, and the pursuit of linguistic and cultural knowledge enrich his personal journey.