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Dan Ostrower

Dan Ostrower

Acquisition Manager

Meet Dan Ostrower, an accomplished Acquisitions Manager at Symphony Wireless who leads a dynamic team of 10 members with a focused mission of increasing deal flow. Born and raised in the vibrant surroundings of Westchester, NY, Dan's strong connection to his roots is reflected in his dedication to his work.

Dan's educational journey led him to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Throughout his life, New York has remained his home, providing him with the backdrop to cultivate his professional passions.
An unwavering interest in the telecom sector has driven Dan's enthusiasm and commitment to the field. He recognizes the transformative role that telecom plays in modern society, connecting individuals and businesses on a global scale. Dan's involvement in impactful deals exemplifies his dedication to creating positive change. Among his proudest achievements is a deal with a Maryland church. Faced with the aftermath of a destructive storm, the church required $250,000 to rebuild. Symphony Wireless provided a transformative solution, offering them $320,000 for their T-Mobile lease. This not only secured the necessary resources for rebuilding but also exemplified Symphony Wireless' mission of making a meaningful impact on property owners' lives.

Beyond the world of acquisitions, Dan has a fun and impressive side. He once achieved a near-perfect score of 99 out of 100 free throws, showcasing his precision and dedication to mastering challenges.

Dan's enthusiasm for Symphony Wireless is driven by the company's ability to create tangible change in the real estate landscape. By providing owners with low-cost capital, Symphony Wireless empowers them to achieve their goals and make substantial improvements. Dan Ostrower embodies the spirit of driving meaningful change, both professionally and personally, making him a valuable asset to the Symphony Wireless team.